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Location of workshop is at 1840 Lorraine Road Reading, PA 19604 (two streets above Hampden Blvd. at Richmond and Lorraine. 2nd home on the right with two big red doors at entrance) {Click here to see future workshops scheduled}

( A Word from L.T., our fearless leader)

Dear Pagoda Writers,🏯

You are all in my thoughts through these very challenging times. Ted and I have you all in our prayers and wish you all a safe and healthy holiday season📬!

Perhaps one way we can get through this pandemic is to spend our time writing and dreaming about better times, past and future and Yes😇, even now when we desperately need something to hold on to.

We all have things to do and places to go even if it is in our own imagination. Set your mind to dreaming and writing these thoughts down as I know from experience that it will help in many ways. Don't sit alone and delve into all the hype and crazy statements by people in charge of our country...this too shall your lives with kindness and grace as I know you must all be trying to do even though it is challenging to say the least. I also would like to say some things but then I wonder with a lot of people doing this it would just be another voice to add to the sadness and despair that so many are going through.

I ask you all to share what topics and speakers you have enjoyed over the last 10 plus years. We have all gathered for over 8 years at the Pagoda and over the last few years here in our home and we have grown tremendously in our numbers and our scope of talented writers, artists, poets, actors, teachers, newspaper professionals, etc... and whether you are published or not you all have what it takes to pursue your talents. Ted and I are not only your hosts and coordinators of this amazing group but also we count ourselves truly blessed to be your cheerleaders and friends. However, in this time we all need to be our own cheerleaders to keep up going from day to day in a state of mindful peace.

Tell us your thoughts about the future, the speakers you would like to hear and the topics that most interest you and perhaps you would like to volunteer to share your own talents with us? What keeps you coming back to the Pagoda Writers and what suggestions would you have for us to incorporate into our programs. We will one day come back together so have faith in God and his plan for all of us😇!

We all have undiscovered talents💆relax and give this some thought as we navigate through these days and hours without the pleasure of company of dear friends and the creative juices flowing as a group...we must inspire ourselves and never give up on our dreams and plans for the future and set your mind to start NOW in the present. Always feel free to call and/or email me...especially when you feel so alone and just need to hear another voice. Stay strong everyone💪!

We need each other in these days of uncertainty so let me know how you are doing...

"God is saying to you, release the worry and release the stress. I promise I will work on my plan for your life".

Ted and Linda💑
🎄 Joy to our world and the Universe
Pagoda Writers
Volunteer Coordinator
Pagoda Writers
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