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Encouragement and Inspiration

Trudy E. Moore


June 8, 2024 at 1:00 PM at Barnes and Noble in Wyomissing, PA


Trudy E. Moore on Getting the Creative Juices Flowing!


This workshop will provide incentives for potential writers to work inside and outside the box. To write with and without definite purpose.

Trudy has a Master's Degree in English and was an English teacher for 32 years and Department Chair for 16 of those years. Her writing experiences were mostly in professional journals and magazines. However, she taught many students how to write more effectively and taught creative writing seminars throughout her career. The idea was to write the "Great American Novel" when she retired, but she moved to Berks County only to become enamored with the art world , specifically painting and photography. However, even at her advanced age, Trudy still thinks of writing a novel, but probably not the "great one."

Trudy notes, "Family-wise, I am one of two people born and raised in the US. My background is European and education of prime importance. I had a long career in teaching but also found time to become an avid sailor and cross-country skier, with much time spent in the Caribbean and upstate New York. Many years were spent in the Adirondack wilderness learning about wildlife and building houses and still finding time to be a caretaker for 30 + years and to raise a wonderful daughter. I have a strong belief in staying active...until you can't."

Nancy A. Hughes


July 20, 2024 at 1:00 PM at Barnes and Noble in Wyomissing, PA


Nancy A. Hughes on Mystery Writer Shares Shady Secrets


It's a mystery, so if you want to know what she will talk about, you'll have to attend! Secrets have their price, so expect to share your writing secrets, as well.



Nancy A. Hughes, a Penn State communications graduate, followed her dream from business writing to a life of crime—fiction that is. She has published seven suspense novels since 2016—The Dying Hour and its sequel, The Innocent Hour; and Trust Series: A Matter of Trust, Redeeming Trust, Vanished, and Buried Trust; and By Rook or By Crook in 2024. Nancy is a Reading Hospital and Lebanon VA volunteer, and a devoted shade gardener. Nibbling deer and bunnies are just as distracting as big-city blaring horns. She shares her “big green cathedral” with her husband in Spring Township. Nancy is a member of MWA, ITW, SinC, and Penn Writers.



August 10, 2024 at 1:00 PM at Barnes and Noble in Wyomissing, PA

(we have two speakers this day)

Carol Quaintance

Carol Quaintance on Telling the Stories Behind the Stories


Carol will share her Writing tips as a Newspaper Correspondent, opening the people's hearts to write what is hidden there. Let a former Writing Teacher at RACC reveal her writing techniques to make your stories come alive!
Also, do we inherit memories in our DNA? History peeks out where we least expect it!

Carol Quaintance is a professional multimedia journalist, writing for Digital First Media as a correspondent for Pennsylvania's Philadelphia suburbs and the Tri County Area which includes Berks, Chester, and Lancaster counties. Her work appeared online and in print in The Tri County Record, The Mercury, the Daily Local, The Reading Eagle and other sister papers. Carol has a long published career as a writer and advertising Account Executive.
A graduate of Alvernia University, Reading PA, she has a BA in Multimedia Communications with a minor in Psychology and Social Studies. She studied theology and culture both at Alvernia and courses she took at Harvard's Behavioral Medicine Institute with Herbert Benson MD in Healing and Spirituality and Behavioral Medicine. She is a former Writing Instructor at RACC.
She co-founded the Society for Chronic Pain Management with esteemed local physician David George MD at the Reading Hospital, working with a board of directors of physicians, psychologists, physical therapists, a lawyer, and a banker running support groups, seminars, and a local TV show the Wellness Connection.

Look up her Reading Eagle December, 2020, article about Carol's book and her interview by Lisa Mitchell:

C. Ivan Stoltzfus


C. Ivan Stoltzfus on Hometown Hero Treks 20k Miles Across America For Wounded Veterans on a Vintage Tractor


Ivan has a calling and mission to serve Across America for Wounded Heroes, an organization he created along with Johnabilt, a vintage John Deere tractor with a Peterbilt Cab. Three trips across the USA from the Atlantic to Pacific, the Rocky Mountains, Mt. Rushmore, the cotton fields of the South, and cattle country of Fort Worth Texas led him to appear on Fox and Friends and in newspapers, TV, and radio shows nationwide.

C. Ivan Stoltzfus has owned several farms, and is an Auctioneer and Real Estate Broker working in PA and FL. He has a home in Sarasota, Florida where he spends his winters.

Visit Ivan's Facebook page, where he chronicled his most recent (3rd) road journey Across America for Wounded Heroes: