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February 10, 2024 at 1:00 PM at Barnes and Noble in Wyomissing, PA





Lee Bukowski on The Write Path: From Contemplation to Publication


Join us for a presentation by Lee Bukowski, author of the fiction novel, A Week of Warm Weather. Lee looks forward to engaging with attendees about their writing goals. She will discuss her journey turning the page from seventh grade English teacher to published novelist—and all the plot twists along the way.

Lee Bukowski is a lifelong resident of Berks County. A former junior high English teacher, she lives in Exeter and teaches freshman writing at Alvernia University. "A Week of Warm Weather" is her debut novel. Lee is currently working on her second novel.

When she’s not teaching or writing, Lee loves reading and traveling, especially visiting her grown daughters in Boston and Fort Lauderdale. She’s also a self-proclaimed Billy Joel superfan with a live concert count of forty-nine shows.

Gregory Aulenbach on Whatever the Dream - Give Her Wings and Let Her Fly



If you ever had a dream ... one that was never fulfilled, this workshop is for you. This workshop is about going past your self-made limiting thoughts into the realm of Infinity. Greg will share with you some of his favorite books and ideas that have inspired him and changed the way he thinks. It will be an exercise in finding your inner voice, connecting to spirit, and creating from a place that is much greater than yourself.

As with many passion projects, Greg's book was a collaborative effort. Several people from the Pagoda Writers group contributed. Every person who worked on this project freely gave their time and talents.

Greg Aulenbach is a dreamer, an artist, a dentist and a visionary, with a love of animals, photography, antiques, architecture, and art. A couple of years ago, Infinity pulled all of his favorite passions together and the book, Dogs in Doors, was born. The genesis of the book was in the fall of 2020, just 6 months into the pandemic. There was a general feeling of hopelessness and despair. He thought, who better can give a message of resiliency than rescue dogs? It is a book of hope and inspiration as the dogs tell their story in the first person and then share what they learned from the journey. It was created to meet three main objectives: 1) raise funds for animal rescue organizations 2) raise awareness of the need to rescue these amazing creatures 3) and remind us of valuable forgotten moral lessons.

Greg considers himself "a photographer with no credentials, a writer with no credentials" and believes that our greatest treasures in life find us, rather than the other way around.