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Pagoda Writers Circle

Encouragement and Inspiration

LT James picture Ted Thomas picture

Leadership : L.T. James, our fearless leader and Ted Thomas, host and resident artist/writer of the group.

Painting of Linda Thomas by Barbara Post, Pennsylvania Artist.

Painting of Ted Thomas by Bonnie Casey, Arizona Artist.




Other Supporting Leaders

In addition to our fearless leader, our group has been supported by many organizations and individuals. Among these and others are:

CJ Rhoads picture Allen Wagner picture

  <---CJ Rhoads from HPL Consortium, Inc. who put up our website.

   Allen Wagner maintains our email distribution list --->

  Chriss Ross who liaisons with the speakers and gathers their bio and pictures.

(Much appreciation for Joseph Fleckenstein and Michael Donlan who did this for many years.)

We are searching for someone willing to send out our monthly mailing! Please contact CJ Rhoads at gro.3c105lph@sretirwadogap








Organizations:   Berks Art Alliance,   Berks Bards,    Reading Reads/Greater Reading Literary Festival,    Berks Arts Council,    HPL 501c3 Institute.

Leading People

  Cindy and Scott Kauffman from Foundation for the Reading Pagoda, who were always supportive and wonderful


Other Helpers and supporters

  Amanda Condict from Berks Art Alliance

  Barbara Post from Berks Art Alliance

  Anna Hehn from RACC

  Sue Guay Chair from Alvernia Literary Festival, Alvernia University

  Rhonda Counts who does the flyers for Paris at the Pagoda.

L.T. Interview

Check out the radio interview done by L.T. about the Pagoda Writers Group: